Monthly Archives: July 2007

Borders Books Harry Potter

My wife pre-ordered the New Harry Potter book for my son from Borders with the anticipation that they would go to the Borders Harry Potter party tonight.

When she arrived at Borders this morning she had to wait in line for 2 hours to get a line ticket for tonight’s release. (That’s right she waited in line for 2 hours to get line ticket so she could wait in line again at midnight). No problem it was worth it to her?

However, some Borders clerk felt that she didn’t pre-order early enough to receive a line ticket for tonight. So, she would have to wait until all the line ticket groups were served tonight before she could buy the book. Needles to say it left a bad taste in her mouth as she wasn’t alerted to this new rule when she asked what the procedure was for getting the book on release night when she pre-ordered the book.

What a disappointment!