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It’s it’s true it sucks

Apparently the NSA is looking at everything and has trageted our Nations News Orginizations. WTF! I would hope if it’s ture that President Obama will halt it immediatley.


New President new Website

President Obama’s new web site.

How to make the Apple TV into more than a hobby

There is no doubt I love my new Roku player which allows me to stream 12,000 NetFlix titles for $8.99 a month. The cherry on the top is that Roku announced that there are adding Amazon Video on Demand directly to the Roku. Amazon has about 40,000 titles for rent much like iTunes movie store which I had been using to buy and rent movies and television shows before I purchased the $99 Roku.

There is no doubt Apple is losing my business to the Roku player and if Roku decides to add other choices such as Hulu, CBS Video,, YouTube, Cinema Now on top of NetFlix and Amazon Apple will have a tough time ever sellingĀ  me an Apple TV which I really wanted because I have purchased quite a few TV shows and movies from iTunes over the past couple of years.

Even if I did purchase an Apple TV now; I like most people now have an issue of too few(2) HDMI connections to my TV. I have 1 for my DVD player and 1 for the Roku. If I purchased an Apple TV then I would have to buy a some sort of splitter or switch or just manually un-plug and plug-in between the devices.

IMHO, Apple TV could be the iPhone/iPod of TV players if they gave me choices and consolidated my TV peripherals.

Here are my suggestions for making the Apple TV a multi-billion dollar winner for Apple.

  1. Add a upscaling DVD player to the Apple TV capable of 1080p output. (in the future add blu-ray support)
  2. Allow me to view my instant watch NetFlix que.
  3. Add Hulu and some other commercial providers sort of like Boxee has done.
  4. Not 100% necessary to add Amazon video-on-demand since it competes directly with iTunes but the more choices the better.
  5. Here is the bonus idea, You could easily make a new remote (or add-on remote) like the Wii and make the Apple TV into a game counsel as well.

Roku Netflix Player is awesome

Roku Netflix Player The Roku Netflix Player is simply awesome.

Funny Wii Christmas

wii1That’s funny we had a similar reaction with our 2 kids this Christmas with the Nintendo Wii. It’s probably because all the kids getting a Wii this year had to listen to there parents say no for the last 3 years because Santa’s little helpers couldn’t keep up with the demand or their parent’s were unwilling to fork over $400-500 on eBay. I am sure that most of the kids in that video including mine thought that they would never get one.