Monthly Archives: October 2006

Ford Taurus is dead

Interesting article about Ford and the death of the Taurus. I used to own a 92 Taurus which for the most part was reliable. We ended up selling it 2 years ago for $200 in a summer garage sale. IMHO, they were nice looking cars and a good value for the money.

I can’t help but to think if Ford really wanted to turn their business around then they need to give people what they want(need). Create a nice looking family sedan like the Taurus that gets 50 to 60 mpg and has a 5 star crash rating. I would buy 1 or hell maybe even 2. A move like that could put Ford on top for years.

Update: Just saw and ad at the NyTimes for Ford Bold Moves .


New .Mac Mail doesn’t work with FireFox 2.0 (update it works now)

I tried out the new .Mac Mail with FireFox 2.0 this morning and it doesn’t seem to work (cant read messages). Safari worked (no surprise). What’s up with that?

Update: All is good and it seems to be working now.

Indoff NSM was a big success

The 2006 Indoff National Sales meeting was a big success. The partner marketing sites had a big impact. We are now in the mist of setting up a flurry of new sites (approximately 40+ new sites coming soon).

Here are a couple of new ones that are just starting to break out, Urns and Trash Receptacles Index tabs and litigation office supplies for the legal community.
A partner told me at the meeting that he felt like he was one of the first 50 employee’s at Apple computer. That’s one of the best compliments I have ever received.