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I should have purchased iPods

The saga continues with the SanDisk Sansa players. Now I know why everyone purchases iPods. Apple’s shit just works.

I went to install the software on my back-room computer which is Windows 2000 machine, it complained and said it needed Windows XP SP1. Oyee! I am not going to spend $300 bucks on an OS upgrade. So, I decided I would load it on my XP on my MacBook Pro, however it was a mini-cd and it won’t work with slot loading ROM drive.

Long story short I was able to get the software loaded on my XP install and then I had to update the USB driver because it didn’t recognize my SanDisk player.

However, the whole reason my wife and I purchased the SanDisk “Play For Sure” Sansa players is so we could let our kids listen to the free audio books from the “Net Library”. But when I downloaded the audio book(s) and tried to acquire the “license” it says I have already checked it out on another machine. It happened with 2 different audio books.

I booted over to the OSX and plugged in the player and it picked it up immediately (mass storage device). I copied some MP3 and I was off and running.

However if I wanted just MP3 players I would have purchased iPods.

Anybody want 2 SanDisk Sansa 1GB MP3  players hardly used. I’ll probably eBay the damn things and go buy a couple of iPods.

What a waste of time.


Amazon – This is bullshit!

 Update 12-20-2006:

Amazon kept there promise and delivers the SanDisk players Next Day DHL. It was still frustrating but Amazon did the right thing. Thanks!

 I ordered 2 of these SanDisk 1gb players for my kids for x-mas. When I ordred the product it said “in stock” sold by Amazon. “To received it by December 22nd choose free super saver shipping”.

Well guess what! It wasn’t really in-stock nor could you actually receive it by the 22nd. I called customer service to cancel my order. I was told that I couldn’t cancel the order; because it’s in progress. The only problem is that it’s been “in progress” since the 15th. That’s total bullshit!

This issue has really rubed me the wrong way. Can you tell? 😦

Lesson learned never buy Christmas Gifts from Amazon 10 days before Christmas.

Try explaing that to a 5 and 9 year old “well children, you didn’t get your christmas present on time becuase Santa used Amazon for fufillment and they screwed up.”

The funny thing about this is that it still says on my order status page that it will be deliverd by the 22nd oyee! Amazon you have some work to do.