Monthly Archives: February 2007

I-78 storm between Allenton and Harissburg PA

The hilly 50 mile stretch on the East bound lanes where already blocked for several miles when we reached the top of the last hill on the West bound lane on I-78 on  Wednesday afternoon.

We got stuck 3 cars behind a tractor trailer on the last hill on ice. We all sat there as the storm kicked up for about 25 minutes. I was wondering how everyone was going to get out of this mess. When finally, the truck that was blocking everyone on the hill was able to somehow backup on to the shoulder.  We were lucky to get out of there I don’t think most of the folks behind us  who were backed up for miles were able to go anywhere because no tractor trailers could get passed the hill and there were several trucks in back of us. I am guessing that we were 1 of 5 or so cars that didn’t have to sit there for 24hours.  We were damn lucky!