Monthly Archives: April 2006

Tank Man Never happened! Really, I swear I saw it on TV.

Chinese FlagI had almost forgotten what happened in China until I watched the latest Frontline Special Tank Man. I would think it won't take long before this all happens again. With the Chinese people getting a taste of a capitalism via all the $$$ flowing into the country people are going to be hungry for more.


Google Calendar

Google has finally released their calendar product. Now they can get busy with that Exchange killer I talked about.

Apple Bootcamp

Apple Bootcamp So Apple computer released a public beta of "Boot Camp" which will allow a users to install Windows XP nativley alongside of OSX(Intel Based Macs Only.) It will be included in the next release of OSX aka Lepord.

Why is this significant? For multi-platform developers like myself it's awesome. I can now work on our Oracle ERP system without having to switch over to my Windows machine in my office. That's a big deal! I originally purchased a copy of Microsoft Office with Virtual PC for my Mac. But Virtual PC is so slow you can hardly do anything on it. So, I stopped using VPC all together. 

However it doesn't mean I would go back to using Windows for everyday work as it still it way behind the curve as far as usability and security goes.

Now I have to trade in my 15" PowerBook for a MacBook Pro.