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St. Louis is hot and the power is still out

It was 93 when I tried to go to bed last night with a heat index of 104. The air was heavy and still to the point you couldn’t breath very well. My wife and I finally gave up trying to sleep in our house. And at 10:30 last night we packed up the kids and took them to Laura’s sister house for some relief.

I can’t help but wonder how many people died last night because of the heat? Apparently, our Governor Matt Blunt called for a state of an emergency for St. Louis yesterday and sent 300 National Guard to help.

Ameren says that there are still 407,499 people without power as of this morning and it could be 5 days before it’s restored. It has been 36 hours since the storm hit at 7:10 pm Wednesday night.

It’s going to be a long weekend.


Bad Storm

Wow! That was a wild storm last night! Flat line winds of up to 80mph snapped trees like toothpicks . I counted 4 streets closed from my simple drive last night through Webster/Glendale to the gas station. We have been without power for about 12 hours and it’s supposed to get up to 102 today?  I think the wife and kids will have to find an open Movie Theater today.

Our data center was running on the Generator at work until about 5 AM this morning.

We are not the only neighborhood without power. According to Ameren UE 485,523 out of 2.4 million customers are out of power in the Metro Area.
Here is a map of the outage via Ameren,Power Out