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Bailout fails 228 – 205

So, I am not really sure what to think of the bailout failing. I have been back and forth about this since it started. However I am pretty sure I know  the following is true,

  1. It was mis-marketed to tax payers (if you call it a bailout then people will automatically say fuck no). It was really just a poor investment and potentially a costly one.
  2. 700 Billion wasn’t based on anything other than Paulson’s gut. It could have been much much more think trillions.
  3. Partial economic collapse is probably needed to stabilize the system. How it will effect the avg person is yet to be determined but more than likely it means good-bye to any 401 k  value and a significant increase in un-employment.

How much you want to bet….

How much you want to bet that Sarah Palin pulls a stunt before the debate in St. Louis starts or during the debate. Based on her performance in front of the press lately it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she did some derivative of the following.

  1. Maybe pass out before or during the debate. (if this happens then the debate would probably be off with no chance of being re-scheduled). She would probably get a good amount of sympathy for it.
  2. Possibly have some emergency she needs to attend to like her son being hurt or shot in IRAQ or some  issue with her daughters pregnancy or hell any other staged family issue.

Or she will go through with the debate and most likely look like a complete idiot if she answers the questions in the same way she did in the CBS Couric interview.

SpaceX Falcon 1 Launch 4

SpaceX finally pulled off sending a rocket into space. It’s a big deal because it’s the first privately funded rocket to do it.

Wired Magazine has the full scope.

Excellent and congrats to SpaceX.

Bill Moyers Journal, Rage on the Radio

I don’t listen to conservative radio. So, I was horrified to see the kind of rhetoric these programs are spewing out to their listeners. We the people should be outraged.

Bill Moyers Journal, Rage on the Radio (Link is the free video podcast from iTunes).

WSJ, The Paulson Plan will Make Money

According to Andy Kessler at the WSJ the Paulson plan could be good for the US treasury. I sure hope so!

Yet another conservative for Obama

One in a long list of conservatives that are coming out for Obama.

Meanwhile McCain, Palin still won’t participate in questioning from the press. How un-American can you get. What scum!

Change We Can Believe In