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Superdelegates should let the voters decide

superdelegates150.gifMoveOn did a full page ad published in USA Today today on the superdelegates issue. You can see my name just to the left of “Add your name at”


Health care debate

The moral debate about health care has been raging on ever since the 60’s and the “Great Society” it’s probably why we haven’t really moved forward all that much since. This is not so much a moral debate as it is one of economics.

Why has health care spending doubled from 1990 – 2000 and then doubled again between 2000 – 2007? If we keep doubling every 7-10 years nobody not even the rich will be able to afford it. Secondly, why do we American’s spend 2x the normal amount of our GDP(and rising) compared to the rest of the civilized world on health care. According to the UN we are not even close to the top of the list for quality of care. Universal Health care won’t help anybody if we can’t afford to pay for it.

We probably need to do something a little more drastic at this point. Like federal regulation capping the amount doctors, hospitals, insurance and drug companies can charge people. We should also have a constitutional amendment stating that Medicare and Medicaid must be fully funded. The Federal Government should probably take control of Medicaid from states if necessary to make sure people who can’t afford it get coverage. We could also provide tax incentives to hospitals, doctors and drug companies for working on self-regulation of cost such as digitizing records etc..

BTW, Obama’s health care plan is a good start but I am a little down on this whole debate because it really doesn’t address the underlying issues of the overwhelming cost of health care. I doubt that anybody’s proposed ways to reduce cost are going to work without some federal incentives or regulation.

I had to drop my employers health care. Because, it was $1,100k a month for my family + $3,500k deductible + 20% of all other cost. (It’s a difficult issues for my employer. There is not a lot they can do about it.) Because, my daughter has health issues we spent almost $20k in one year and it wasn’t even a major health catastrophe. I had to drop that plan because it sent me to the poor house. I now have private “Major Medical” which I pay $500.00 a month for. It covers major health issues but requires me to pay out of pocket for everything esle. It does give me a plan discount for office visits(I pay what an insurance company would pay for an office visit). We still spend a small fortune but not nearly as much as we were. Reducing cost is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES. Cost have increased way beyond the cost of living since 2000 that’s just not going to work long term.


1.) Spending and GDP numbers quoted from California HealthCare Foundation (HealthCare Cost 101).

NBC has Obama Leading

NBC super tuesday results

Politics & Barack Obama

I have tried to refrain from posting about political topics on this blog. However, today marks a change in that policy. I will have more to say about why I voted and support Barack Obama for President soon.