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Remember the Budweiser Wassupp guys? Here they are 8 years latter.


Censure Michele Bachmann

Watch the video then sign this the petition to Censure Michele Bachmann. This women is absolutely despicable.

Oh No Terry Tates back

Terry Tate has a message for Sarah Palin. Funny!

Vote For Hope


Obama ’08 – Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

Obama St. Louis rally draws 100,000

My wife and the kids and I were 4 of 100,000 that went down to the St. Louis Obama rally today. Obama said it best as he took the stage today “WOW!” The rally was the largest in the US and was only second to the 200,000 in Berlin. It was truly an amazing event especially for St. Louis. Update: My wife sums it up better than I ever could.

Holy Crap!

This is¬†absolutely¬†par for the course… Good thing their is more of us then their are of you…