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What’s wrong with Wolfram Alpha

Very nicely articulated article on what’s wrong with Wolfram Alpha.

I’m sorry Dave, i’m afraid I can’t do that…

sorry_dave_im_afraid_II was playing with WolframAlpha this morning. When I received the Hal message. “I’m sorry Dave, i’m afraid I can’t do that…”

Oh good god just release the damn thing already.

Just in case your really really really bored or you have no life you can watch the WolframAlpha live Launch Webcast.

MC Yogi Vote 4 Hope remix

Cool McYogi Vote 4 hope remix. Via,

I have a feeling the’re going to sell like crazy

So TechCruch has been working on a sub $200 PC tablet for browsing and the likes. It looks like they are getting closer  to releasing something soon.

BTW, I’ll take one!

Lack of Metro funding made national news

Seems CNN has a front page story on the lack of funding for the St. Louis Area Metro.

BTW, I voted for the funding.