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Greenpeace, Chinese Zombie Ships

GreenpeaceThe worst part of this is that these ships are probably floating toxic waste dumps. The Chinese government should spend some of that newly earned Wal-Mart money and remove these ships and clean up the sea. I wonder why all these ships are way over on the West Coast of Africa and not on the East Coast of China?

We're in the big African Queen inflatable, cruising alongside an anchored trawler. It's more rust than metal – the ship is rotting away. The foredeck is covered in broken machinery. The fish deck is littered with frayed cables, and the mast lies horizontally, hanging over the starboard side. A large rusty Chinese character hangs on railings above the bridge, facing forward. It reads 'happiness'.
– Via Greenpeace


Google Mini, Gmail + Analytics

Google MiniSo we received our new Google Mini. We purchased the 100k document version. It took me all of about 1 hour to do the custom integration work. We decided to do the custom integration utilizing the built in XML API. I first thought that this would be at least a several day project. I was surprised when I had it working flawlessly in less than an hour.

How long do you think it will be before Google will release an Exchange killer via Gmail-Mini?

So if they bundled Gmail, Gtalk, Search, News Reader and their CL2 calendar up into a nice manageable package like the Google Mini. IMHO you would have an Exchange killer. Throw in a nice XML API and it would be an excellent collaboration server.

Hell they could do the same thing with Google Analytics and we would probably buy one.

 Update: They seem to be getting closer.

Seti@home need funds & hardware

SETI@homeSETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) apparently is needing some serious funds in the amount of $750,000 to keep going for the next year. They are also looking for Hardware donations.

I wonder if Jonathan Schwartz would be willing to donate a few of their Sun Fire V20z to SETI@home . He seems to be in the mood of giving away machines as of late. These machines would go to a really good cause.

Space Exploration Technologies(Space X) to launch today.

SpaceX Falcon 1According to the SpaceX web site the launch of the Falcon 1 carrying a small satellite will be launched today at 1:00 California Time.

Today could be a good day for Space X or it could turn out to be a bad day for Space X. If they can’t prove that the Falcon can fly, they have a good chance of loosing 200 Million dollars worth of pre-launch orders.

I hope they are successful with today’s launch. Space X could really turn this industry upside down. BTW, Space X was created by Elon Musk the creator of PayPal.

Good Luck Space X!

Update: Oyeee! The Falcon 1 blew up shortly after launch. That sucks!

Microsoft should buy Sun

Interesting discussion over at Mini-Microsoft about Microsoft’s latest woes. It really seems that Microsoft Management is not the only one to blame for their OS delays. According to the discussion at Mini-Microsoft their ISV’s are placing a huge demand on the company and the OS division. This would explain why it’ seems little old Apple can ship software and Microsoft can’t. Apple doesn’t have the same set of problems Microsoft does. Apple like Sun really doesn’t have to answer to anyone on the scale that Microsoft does.

So, why couldn’t Microsoft buy Sun and produce there own hardware software solution?

Solaris is a hardened OS but lack’s the usability of Windows. Sun’s hardware IMHO is the best in the world. They could release a version of their OS for their hardware first. Then work on delivering their OS to fit the need’s of there ISV’s after their core OS/Hardware solution was released. They could also release a backward compatibility layer like Apple did with Classic for OSX.

This might help with Microsoft’s 2 biggest problems.

1. Security
2. Innovation

I would be bending over backwards to figure these 2 issues out even if it meant swallowing a little of my own pride. Why reinvent the wheel when there is a perfectly good wheel that just needs a new vehicle?

David Pogue & Scobleizer

It seems that David Pogue of the NyTimes could learn a thing or two from Robert Scoble. No more freebies.

New York Times columnist David Pogue, who is also a contributor to CBS News and National Public Radio, received $2,000 in free personal-data-recovery services from DriveSavers in connection with pieces Pogue did for all three news organizations. Pogue wrote the stories after his own drive crashed, entombing his voice message and e-mail files.

SF Weekly

Ehh! That's enough of Pogue for me thanks.

More S3 thoughts

If you have been watching the discussion at any one of the familiar spots about Amazon’s new S3 web service you will see a lot of talk about comparing the new S3 service with standard hosting compaines.

How S3 differs

The core of S3 is the Object database, your not just storing bits, your storing bits and meta data. It’s like exposing the underlying layer of a filesystem with a platfom agnostic API. That’s a lot differnt then putting a file up on to your web host’s hardrive.

The killer app(s)

So what is S3’s killer app? I duno for sure. But I think a lot could be done in 2 areas.

– Backup

  1. Platform portability is a no-brainer.
  2. You can have the user expose certain files to the public(like photos or movies) or the user can could choose whether or not to share the file via BitTorrent.
  3. The cost for a standard full 250 gb drive would be $37.50 a month there would be an initial transfer fee of $50.00 all subsequent backups would be differential so you cost for the transfer would only be based off what has changed or what has been added.
  4. The benefits are outstanding. You get reliable distributed storage for your entire drive for only $37.50 a month. And that’s if you actually use all 250gb of your drive. I would bet the price will probably get better.

– Bloging apps & casting

  1. There are a lot of different casting applications out there today Podcasting, Photocasting etc.. Most bloging systems don’t offer much storage for media beyond images. For instance this WordPress blog only allows me to upload images. If I want to do a podcast, photocast or just upload code for people to view then I have to find other server to store it.
  2. Apps like WordPress, Blogspot, TypePad and Live Journal could create a plug-ins that would allow users to use there A3 accounts. A user could then store and link to what ever files they wanted to.

I bet Dave at will be the first to integrate this into his outliner app.