Monthly Archives: October 2007

External Drive for Time Machine

Seagate Free Agent ProiMacI have been wanting to get a external Fire Wire drive for my G5 iMac for a while now. Upgrading to OS X 10.5 gave me a great reason with Time Machine. I found a reasonable priced Seagate Free Agent Pro 320gb drive from Tiger Direct for only $109.00 it’s going to be used as my backup for my internal 250gb drive.

While I was at it. I decided to increase my RAM to 2gb another great deal for $104.00 from Tiger Direct.


Weird I just installed 10.5

mbp.jpgThis is weird. I just installed 10.5 and my keyboard back light started working. I never sent it back when I purchased it late last year.


Scripting News Working In Opera

Dave has a challenge that his tree code is not working in Opera. I was able to fix it up and meet all of his requirements. Here is the code.

1. Flush

2. Works in Opera (see pic below)

3. Able to nest

4. Fast(only a few lines of code)

Scripting News Collapse Working in Opera