Monthly Archives: September 2006

Google could fix click fraud with analytics integration to adSense

I was just thinking about this click fraud issue, since anyone who advertises in a “content network” has seen bogus clicks including myself. That’s why I have opted out of all of “content networks”.

However I don’t think this issue is unsolvable especially for Google.

Google should require that all adSense providers use Google Analytics on all there pages within there domain. And then give access to the analytics of the providers of click to advertisers. Heck they could probably identify all the bogus clicks with analysis of the data collected.
Secondly they need to add “Locality” to adSense if I specified “St. Louis” in my campaign then I certainly don’t want clicks from Korea. This alone would probably reduce click fraud to nearly nothing.


Apple MacBook

mbp.jpgI was really hoping to get a new MacBook Pro. I have the 15″ G4 PowerBook that came out just before the MacBooks.

But it seems that so many people are reporting that there Macs are crashing regualary it makes me think that I should wait for Rev.2 or Rev.3. My PowerBook and my 20″ iMac have never crashed(seriously).

What really sucks for Apple is that there market share for Notbooks supposedly doubled when the MacBook came out. How many of those new Mac converts are going to go back to using Windows after dealing with random shutdowns and lock-ups.

It seems that MacBooks don’t have the credibility of the PowerBook. I’ll wait and see how this plays out.

Update: Apparently, Apple is going to fix all those MacBooks. Nice!

Indoff Blogs and Catalogs

Indoff Inc.Our list of niche product sites (blogs) are growing. How exciting! So, far it’s having the desired effect. With some of our sites receiving well over 100+ visitors a day.

BTW, each one of these sites is powered by an individual Indoff Partner (salesperson).

  1. Products related to the office environment and worker’s health issues.
  2. room toys for healthcare and professional offices.
  3. Products and services (Static Control)
  4., Whiteboards and electronic Copyboards
  5. Seating
  6. Promotional Products
  7. Office supplies.

We also have 6 more in development and several more in consideration.