Perl + SOAP::Lite + WSSE (Web Services Security) soap:Header

I thought I would share my Perl SOAP::Lite code for creating a WSS(wsse:) header for Web Services Security since it took me a while to figure out all the ulglies. It’s been more then a little frustrating. So if I can save somone the headache I am glad to do it.


8 responses to “Perl + SOAP::Lite + WSSE (Web Services Security) soap:Header

  1. Hi,

    what if “your_method_name” takes a value as a parameter, does it come before the $security object or after it?

  2. you have to put ‘soapenv’ namespace to use it because of this: ‘soapenv:mustUnderstand’=>1

    or just remove ‘soapenv:’ from attribute name – as i did

  3. hello, does one of you have any ideas how use XML-Encryption? I want to encrypt the soap:body Element.

  4. Thanks for this, really helped me out.

  5. Thanks, you saved me a lot of hassle. Sometimes SOAP::Lite can be a pain in the butt.

  6. can SOAP::Lite use binary security tokens?

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