Indoff sites relying on a niche

Well our Indoff family of Weblogs and e-commerce sites is growing fast. We now have well over 90+ weblog / stores and have several highly successfully sites in each of our divisions.

Some of our more notable Material Handling Sites are,

1. Forklift accessories, run by Ken Welch. Ken specializes in Forks for Forklifts , Hoppers, Fork Mounted Platforms, Drum Handling and a variety of specialized forklift attachments. Ken has also started a Warehouse and loading Dock column protectors site.

2. Scissor Lift Tables, run by Brian Galloway. Brian specializes in a variety of different Scissor Lift Tables and Post Lift tables. Brian also specializes in Belt and Roller Conveying systems.

3. Smokers Urns & Commercial Trash Containers, run by Allen Peterson. Allen specializes in indoor and outdoor commercial Trash Receptacle and smokers urns and station. Allen also runs a banquet carts site and a rubber mats site.

I’ll try and showcase some of our Office Interiors sites tomorrow and the other two division next week.


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