iPhone WOW

Apple Inc, iPhone

Apple released the iPhone today shipping in June. What can I say but WOW. It runs OS X and has a built in multi-touch wide screen. It’s and iPod and a Mac rolled up into a single slim portable device.

Apple estimates that they will sell 10Million of these babies in 2008. I believe that estimate is way to low. To date I have never purchased a mobile phone because of the bad user interfaces. To me it was just to much hassle. Apple has finally solved the problem, I guarantee I will be purchasing one in June.

Jobs was right. They did revolutionize the mobile/pda phone market. It will never be the same and other handheld makers have got to be shitting in their pants right about now.

Apple just might end up being the king of the hill for a long time to come.


Update: Why would Apple brag about the fact it runs OS X and not give it’s devlopers a mobile platform. Oyee! So Apple only get’s it half right


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