I should have purchased iPods

The saga continues with the SanDisk Sansa players. Now I know why everyone purchases iPods. Apple’s shit just works.

I went to install the software on my back-room computer which is Windows 2000 machine, it complained and said it needed Windows XP SP1. Oyee! I am not going to spend $300 bucks on an OS upgrade. So, I decided I would load it on my XP on my MacBook Pro, however it was a mini-cd and it won’t work with slot loading ROM drive.

Long story short I was able to get the software loaded on my XP install and then I had to update the USB driver because it didn’t recognize my SanDisk player.

However, the whole reason my wife and I purchased the SanDisk “Play For Sure” Sansa players is so we could let our kids listen to the free audio books from the “Net Library”. But when I downloaded the audio book(s) and tried to acquire the “license” it says I have already checked it out on another machine. It happened with 2 different audio books.

I booted over to the OSX and plugged in the player and it picked it up immediately (mass storage device). I copied some MP3 and I was off and running.

However if I wanted just MP3 players I would have purchased iPods.

Anybody want 2 SanDisk Sansa 1GB MP3  players hardly used. I’ll probably eBay the damn things and go buy a couple of iPods.

What a waste of time.


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