Attention all Grocers

Excellent article in the NyTimes, finally a Grocer stands ups and says wait a minute . I hope other Grocers will follow Hannaford Brothers lead.

The chain, Hannaford Brothers, developed a system called Guiding Stars that rated the nutritional value of nearly all the food and drinks at its stores from zero to three stars.

Our government is failing us on this issue. Labels are maybe not to the point of making “Fake” claims but IMHO a lot of labels are misleading and/or confusing.

The thing is, a lot of claims we see out there are puffery,” said Joseph R. Baca, director of the office of compliance at the F.D.A.’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. “But they don’t get to the point where we can call them fake or misleading.

Via NyTimes

Products also bank on people not reading the back of label. So, making it easier to decipher nutritional balance is a good thing. Stars might not be perfect but it’s a start. Grocery stores could also put simple universal symbols on the shelf tag for foods that contain one of the 8 major allergens. It would help the millions of people like my daughter who suffer from severe food allergies.

BTW, I won’t patent that last idea it’s free for anyone to take. Hell, I would be even willing to pay for those universal symbols to be created.


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