RSS e-commerce and work

Indoff Inc.As some of you know I am a software developer and I work for a sales company called Indoff. Recently we released a new piece of software for our sales people to compete on the web.

It has been difficult for Indoff sales people to compete on the web because we have such a unique program. Where are sales people are highly independent which creates a very decentralized system. Unlike most organizations where they have a centrally controlled sales-force and web site.

Our new web network of partner sites allows for each of our salespeople to sell a product niche in anyone of our 4 divisions, Material Handling, Promotional Products, Business Products and Office Interiors. The software allows our sales Partners to control the product and content being published.


We are using quite a few new technologies in our sites which should make a big difference for the customer and our sales people. For instance we have RSS 2.0 everywhere from the catalog pages to the about pages. All the sites have built in Weblogs and integrated Google Search (via Google Mini) we are trying to participate in the Google Site Maps program but it doesn't seem like Google is actually putting us in there index yet. Here is what sitemaps.xml looks like.

We will probably in the near future integrate the Google AdWords API into the software once it comes out of the Stone Ages. So that it will be easier for our sales Partners to create AdWords listings for the products they are trying to sell.

We will be releasing our NEW corporate web site at in a couple of weeks. Which, will turn our corporate site from a dull static site into a central aggregator sort of like the River of News which will be utilizing all the information being published from our Partner web sites.

Here is a sample of some of our partner web sites that are now up and running.


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