Google Mini, Gmail + Analytics

Google MiniSo we received our new Google Mini. We purchased the 100k document version. It took me all of about 1 hour to do the custom integration work. We decided to do the custom integration utilizing the built in XML API. I first thought that this would be at least a several day project. I was surprised when I had it working flawlessly in less than an hour.

How long do you think it will be before Google will release an Exchange killer via Gmail-Mini?

So if they bundled Gmail, Gtalk, Search, News Reader and their CL2 calendar up into a nice manageable package like the Google Mini. IMHO you would have an Exchange killer. Throw in a nice XML API and it would be an excellent collaboration server.

Hell they could do the same thing with Google Analytics and we would probably buy one.

 Update: They seem to be getting closer.


4 responses to “Google Mini, Gmail + Analytics

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  4. …gooooood…soang…

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