Microsoft should buy Sun

Interesting discussion over at Mini-Microsoft about Microsoft’s latest woes. It really seems that Microsoft Management is not the only one to blame for their OS delays. According to the discussion at Mini-Microsoft their ISV’s are placing a huge demand on the company and the OS division. This would explain why it’ seems little old Apple can ship software and Microsoft can’t. Apple doesn’t have the same set of problems Microsoft does. Apple like Sun really doesn’t have to answer to anyone on the scale that Microsoft does.

So, why couldn’t Microsoft buy Sun and produce there own hardware software solution?

Solaris is a hardened OS but lack’s the usability of Windows. Sun’s hardware IMHO is the best in the world. They could release a version of their OS for their hardware first. Then work on delivering their OS to fit the need’s of there ISV’s after their core OS/Hardware solution was released. They could also release a backward compatibility layer like Apple did with Classic for OSX.

This might help with Microsoft’s 2 biggest problems.

1. Security
2. Innovation

I would be bending over backwards to figure these 2 issues out even if it meant swallowing a little of my own pride. Why reinvent the wheel when there is a perfectly good wheel that just needs a new vehicle?


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