Amazon S3 Test Service

Amazon S3I was able to run a test against Amazon’s S3 Web Service using their example code. I am totally digging this! The possibilities are endless.

So here is the basic run down as far as I can tell,

  1. Register with Amazon and get your key(s).
  2. Download test code, I used the Curl example code.
  3. Create a bucket my first one was faulkingham so my bucket url is
  4. Create an object, and assign permissions if you want it public.
  5. My first object(file) was index.html my second was the aws.gif the object is different from the key but they don’t have to be. Your object could be index.html and your key could be index. So your url would be /bucket/index instead of /bucket/index.html
  6. Take a look at my sample files that I have made public.
  7. Next step is to try the BitTorrent.

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