Ray Ozzie’s web clipboard

Dave Winer wrote:

At first, you’d think it has to be some terrible ActiveX hack, but it’s not — it’s a hidden text field and a bit of JavaScript that moves the data around.

Dave if that was the case then why is there a little clipboard application running in the tray, in the bottom of the screen cast?

Ok so apparently it does work? Great, so I wonder what that little app was running in the tray with the “Scissors” icon?

Apparently that little tray app that was running in the screencast demo is a clipboard bridge that takes the Micro-xml format and converts it to a native format.

Microsoft has relased the whole thing under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike liscence.

I think Microsoft and (Ray Ozzie) deserves some kudos for this, it’s an excellent idea. Check out the Screencast and the Demo page.


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