What no movies on iTunes

Ehh seems that the rumor mill stumbled on the whole idea that Apple would release Movies via the iTunes music store. It didn’t happen today. But I would be surprised if Apple didn’t jump on this soon. Maybe that’s why Apple bought that new Data Center?

I have a 20″ iMac at home which is so much better than my 20 year old TV. So, latley I have been downloading Lost Season 2 and Battlestar Galactica from iTunes and the quality is not too bad. I would be interested in renting or buying movies from iTunes. I probably rent 12 movies a month from Hollywood Video 12 * 4 = $48 * 12 = $576 a year in rental fees add in the late fees and we are talking about a few bucks here. I would give that money to Apple for the connivence. Hell I might even pay a buck more if I could download them.


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