Bose Wave vs. Apple Hifi

I wonder how the 2 will stack up in a real test. I happen to own a Bose Wave. Which, BTW has excellent sound quality. It’s also from a company I consider a leader in the field of sound engineering.

Bose WaveThe Wave system seems to offer more bang for the buck. With built in AM/FM/CD plus AUX in for AirTunes or iPod. It also has a built in LCD display for viewing what’s playing. I don’t think I could read an iPod screen from across the room.
The Bose Wave is Priced at $499 the Apple Hifi is priced at $349.

Apple HifiI think this is a no-brannier the Bose Wave has far better features.
BTW, I happen to like Apple products but the Apple Hifi looks like a real DUD. Not to mention it’s ugly compared to the Bose.

It would have been nice if Apple spent the time and money working with Bose to include complete iPod integration.

Just a thought!


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