River of News + Asynchronous Javascript Request

Recently I had a conversation with Dave Winer over the AJAXing of the “River of News” aggregator. In an effort to share what I have done I am posting the code that I modified in the newsRiverWebsite.#template from the newsRiver.root Guest Database. The updated code includes the nessary Javascript to do Asynchronous Javascript Request, it includes 1 lame example of a test request and handling the return response.

To make this work someone will need to modify the riverNews code so that it can return HTML fragments. Example instead or returning <html><head></head><body><content></body></html> it would return just the <content> part, and the rest is done within Javascript.

You can do a lot of cool things with this little library. I however don’t have the time or know how to modify the necessary userTalk code to this extent. So if somone would like to pickup where I left off I would be will be willing to share the code and answer your question’s about how it works.

The code is licensed under the GPL.

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